Deep Stretch & Yoga

1. Deep Tissue Stretching – Program -3days

In this program you’ll be able to understand the importance of deep tissue stretching and how effective it is. This will also help to understand the muscle stretch in Asana practice.

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2. Music and Bhajan – Yoga

Music is the best language for the mind to bring our emotions and Bhajan or Kirtan is to culture the emotions to let it go. Once we culture the emotion our mind gets into the state of calmness. Here we stimulate and relax mentally. Join us to experience!

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3. Pranayama & Meditation – Program – 3days

Theory & Practical – Basic Pranayama
Theory & Practical – Cyclic Meditation

  • Want to experience the energy flow in the body?
  • Want to the science behind the prananyama & meditation?

This is program for you. Join us!